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/4/ – The Stufenfolge and various forces cause an ontic layering which, given the ability of some forms of matter to sense and to think lead to proximal epistemologies. Given the following registers Real-Immanence-Sense-Transcendence the various relations of the layering of the world can be thought but not without the troubling ghost of thought itself […]

As Peter, Anthony, and Adrian have already posted there will be a cross-blog reading group of Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. The reading schedule will be as follows: May 23-29 Host blog: Philosophy in a Time of Error (Peter Gratton) Under discussion: Preface & Chapter 1, “The Force of Things” (and overview/interview). May 30-June 5 Host […]

Timothy Morton’s Ecology without Nature is a fairly disappointing text. In many ways it reads like notes on postmodern theory which vaguely concern nature or, more specifically the aesthetics of nature. As Paul has noted here Morton’s classification of nature leaves something to be desired as he calls nature transcendental (14) and furthermore that nature […]

/3/ – Vitalism, instead of being taken as a singular life-force which animates or enlivens all things, is instead taken to be a collection of forces compromising a larger prohairesis which disintegrates what we take to be the solidity of being both in creation, destruction, and transformation. As a result the organic/inorganic distinction is not an ontological distinction. So near so […]