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Somehow it didn’t quite register with me how close Jane Bennett’s future project discussed in her interview with Peter Gratton is to what I am trying to do, at least in terms of metaphysics, especially in relation to Reza’s and Land’s work. Bennett says the following: “I want to get better at discerning the topography […]

In chapter five of Vibrant Matter Bennett turns her attention to vitalism in order to flesh out her project of a vital materialism. As with the previous chapter, Bennett notes the importance of annhilating  distinctions. What kinds of distinctions are being dissolved and in what fashion is a problem obscured in the term materialism. As […]

/3/ – Vitalism, instead of being taken as a singular life-force which animates or enlivens all things, is instead taken to be a collection of forces compromising a larger prohairesis which disintegrates what we take to be the solidity of being both in creation, destruction, and transformation. As a result the organic/inorganic distinction is not an ontological distinction. So near so […]