Forthcoming Publications:

“Salamanders contra Heidegger” for LMNT, Forms of Life.

“Line, Vine, and Grace” for Hegel and Schelling in 19th Century France, Springer

“What would it mean for Paleontology to be Transcendental?” for The periods of history of earth and the ages of mankind Paleontology in philosophical and cultural contexts in the 18–19th centuries. Ed. DEZSŐ Gurka Gondolat Publishers


Nature Itself Philosophizes: Naturalism/Form/Embodiment (Draft Complete)

The Patchwork Absolute: F.H. Bradley and the Divisions of Philosophy (Draft complete)

Schelling’s Naturalism (Edinburgh University Press, 2019). More info here.

On an Ungrounded Earth (Punctum Books, March 2013). More info here.

Slime Dynamics: Generation, Mutation, and the Creep of Life, (Zer0 Books, September 2012). More info here.

Journal Essays and Articles

“Sterilize your tools: Lancelot Hogben’s Vision of Bio-Utopia” for Strelka Mag, July 2021

“Is there a flower in my brain?” for Kew Gardens’ The Philosophical Life of Plants. Online here.

“Monkey Panic in the Deep Time Machine”- for Pulse v7, 2020. Available here.

“User Errors: Reason, (Xeno) – Feminism and the Political Insufficiency of Ontology” for Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture Vol. 17, No. 2-3 / 2020. Here

“Slime on a Wire” for E-Flux, Issue 112, October 2020. Here

“The Bio-Philosophy of Epidemiological Models” for Strelka Mag, May 2020.

“Parameter Breach: Chatelet and the Ground of the Diagram” for La Deleuziana on Differential HeteroGenesis ed Anna Longo

“Three BioPhilosophical Scenes” for NY-The Swamp,

“World Loss and Regret” for Design Ecologies, V 8, n1, 2019. Here

“The Self-Chasing Instrument: Idealism, Vision, and Judgment” for Law and the Senses, Vision Issue, ed. Andrea Pavoni (Westminster, 2018)

“Disinternment Loops” for Cyclops vol 2. Online Here. 2018.

“The Nested Eye: Naturalism, Perspectivalism, and Environmental Law” for Handbook in Research Methods in Environmental Law, University of Westminster (2017)

(with Anna Longo) “Infinitely Generative Structure: Fichte, Schelling, and Modern Geometry” for Azimuth: Philosophical Coordinates in Modern and Contemporary Age
Issue X, (2017)

“Fascistic Whimsy: Neo-Reactionary Sincerity and the Techno-Crusade of Smoldering Resentiment” for A+ Australia, 2017.

(with Matt Hare), “Anti-Eureka” for Glass Bead Site 1: Logic Gate, 2017. Available here.

“Lamps, Rainbows, and Horizons: Spatializing Knowledge in Naturphilosophical Epistemology” ed. Tyler Tritten and Daniel Whistler, for Angelaki, (December 2016).

“A Blood More Red, A Red so Deep” for Plinth v. 6. (Online, 2016). Available Online here.

“The New Curses of Tomb-Space”, in Design Ecologies, v3, ed. Shaun Murray, August 2014. Here.

“Schellingian Thought for Ecological Politics”, Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, Special Issue ed. Duanne Roussell (Open Humanities Press, January 2014)

“(Un)Objectionable Aesthetics,” in Critical Bastards, Issue 9, ed. Suzanne Walsh, (Self Published, April 2013)

“The Blackish Green of the Greenish Black or the Earth’s Coruscating Darkness” in Glossator, ed. Nicola Masciandaro and Reza Negarestani, 2012

“Brain Splattering” in The Passive Collective v2, 2012.

“Plotting Nature’s Havoc: Potential Realisms between Transcendental Materialism and Transcendental Dynamism” in Identities vol 8 no2 Available for purchase.

“I want to live inside this monster: Haunted Houses as EcoDesign,” in Organs Everywhere Available here.

“A Nature to Pulp the Stoutest Philosopher,” in Incognitum Haectius vol 1. Available here.

“A Brief History of (Dejected) Nature: Natural Conceptualization, Eco-Aesthetics, and the Blues of Green Affect and Economy” in Thinking Nature v1(Open Humanities Press, June 2011). Available here.

“Mad Speculation and Absolute Inhumanism,” in Contintent v1. Available here.

“A Nature to Pulp the Stoutest Philosopher: Towards a Lovecraftian Philosophy of Nature,” Commissioned piece for Real Horror Event, Available here.

“Inverted Astronomy: Ungrounded Ethics, Volcanic Copernicanism, and the Ecological De-Centering of the Human,” in Polygraph 22 (Duke University Press, September, 2010). Purchase here.

“Thinking Against Nature,” in Speculations 1, (Open Humanities Press, August, 2010). Available Here.

Book Chapters

“Outgrown Purpose, Outlived Use: Aliens and Parasitic Teleology
for Diseases of the Head, ed Matt Rosen, 2020. Website.

“Somewhere else, not yet: Cisco and Meillassoux’s Inexistent Places” for Weird Ecologies and Fantastic Geographies, ed Julius Greve

“Formal Creatures: Chatelet’s Metaphors” for The Ghost of Transparency: An Architectonics of Communication ed Buhlman, Doyle, and Savic. TU Vienna. Here.

“Continuous Green Abstraction: Embodied Knowledge, Intuition, and Metaphor for The Covert Plant, ed. Baylee Brits and Prue Gibson (2018). Available here.

“A Fly in the Appointment” in Lacan and the Posthuman ed. Svitlana M. And Judith R. (Minnesota University Press, 2018). Information here.

“La Echelle du Nature: Conceptualisation Mesure entre Brassier et Grant” in Cahiers Critiques de Philosophie, (Université Paris 8, 2017)

“La physique des conditions de la pensée : naturalisme transcendantal ,fondamentalité et expérience entre Schelling , Catren et Massimi” in La Genese du Transcendental: Conditions et Hypotheses, ed. Anna Longo. (Mimesis Publishing, 2017).

“The Killing Crowd: Poe and the Deep-Crime of the Media,” in The Lovecraftian Poe, ed. Sean Moreland (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017).

“Condemned to return, if we are not destroyed,” for Julieta Aranda’s TANK exhibition publication, Art Bassel

“A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Have,” for Black Hyperbox, ed Florin Flueras and Alina Poppa, (Punch books, 2016)

“Fictions of Invention or What are Worlds made of?” for Transductions, Media XXI, ed. Renata Morais. (March, 2016).

“Loops of Augmentation,” in Matteo Pasquinelli (ed.) Alleys of Your Mind: Augmented Intelligence and Its Traumas (Lüneburg: Leuphana University / Meson Press, Nov 2015). Available here.

“Chase the Rabbit: or Locating Abstraction in Nature,” in Breaking the Spell: Contemporary Realism Under Discussion, ed. Sarah de Sanctis (Mimesis, May, 2015)

“Negarestani in R’yleh” in Schizoanalysis and Literature, ed. Tim Matts (Continuum, February 2015).

“Speculative Materialism,” Entry in The Meillassoux Dictionaryed Paul Ennis and Peter Gratton, (Edinburgh University Press, Novermber 2014)

“Uncomfortable Aesthetics,” in Speculative Aesthetics, ed. James Trafford, (Urbanomic, October, 2014). Here.

“Irreversible Sludge: Troubled Energetics, Eco-purification and Self Inhumanization,” for Melancology, ed. Scott Wilson (Zero, September 2014)

“House of Sheaves: The Asymptotic Horror of Nested Nature,” in Weaponising Speculationsed. Caoimhe Doyle, (Punctum, 2014)

“Nothing Grows in the Right Direction: Scaling the Life of the Negative,” in True Detection(Schism Books, 2014)

“Response to Kai Bosworth, Harlan Morehouse, and Rory Rowan,” in Society and Space. (January, 2014) Here

“Ultraviolet,” in Prismatic Ecologies, ed. JJ Cohen (University of Minnesota Press, December 2013)

“Oceanic Accelerationism,” for Dark Trajectories, ed Joshua Johnson ([Name] Publications, September 2013)

“Casting Speculation: A Response to Jefferey Cohen” in Speculative Medievalisms. (Punctum Books, January 2013)

“Lapidary Demons: A Response to Anthony Paul Smith” in Speculative Medievalisms. (Punctum Books, January 2013)

“The Untimely (and Unshapely) Decomposition of Onto-Epistemological Solidity: Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia as Metaphysics,” in Leper Creativity, ed. Ed Keller, Nicola Masciandaro, and Eugene Thacker (Punctum Books, February 2012)


Review of Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie, for Textual Practice, (August, 2017)

“Interview with Slavoj Zizek,” in The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism, ed Nick Srnicek, Graham Harman and Levi Bryant, (Re.Press, Dec 2010)

“Interview with Alain Badiou” in The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism, ed Nick Srnicek, Graham Harman and Levi Bryant, (Re.Press, Dec 2010)

“Review of Iain Grant’s Philosophies of Nature after Schelling,” in Analecta Hermeneutica vol. 2, September, 2010. Available here.

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