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Weirding Wests


Besides a slew of zombie cowboy films, western and horror seem like genres that do not intermix often.  The history of the weird and the western seem to have a limited amount of crossover  with the rpg Deadlands and the DC series Weird Western Tales.  For the latter Jonah Hex and the Riders of the […]

Michel Henry’s construction of a purely affective process phenomenology holds wonderful fodder for non-anthropic darkening and spatio-temporal softening.  Whereas Henry seems to see the world as pure affectivity with distinc layers and hiearchies (which, unfortuneatly is somehow anchored in divinity) what is philosophically troubling is his assumption of positivity, his attacks on science and his […]

Kvond and Michael at Complete Lies have both written on Dark Vitalism which has become the formal name for half of my (and possibly others’) speculative realist naturephilosophie (the other half being a darkening of Lacan, Henry and Zizek).  One point that Kevin makes is that vitalism assumes a living substance and not a particular […]

Marcus Aurelius, 2nd Meditation: “Of human life the time is a point, and the substance is in a flux, and the perception dull, and the composition of the whole body subject to putrefaction, and the soul a whirl, and fortune hard to divine, and fame a thing devoid of judgement. And, to say all in […]

I can not but agree with Alex’s sentiments, Levi’s comment as well as Reza’s and Graham’s bits of support.  Even as I look over at my bookcase which houses no less than 17 books by or about Badiou, I must join in the call of betrayal.  Of course all kinds of Lacanian things can be […]

From Wikipedia: “Zuggtmoy rules the 222nd layer of the Abyss, officially called Shedaklah, although according to her creator Gary Gygax, it is called Mycorji. She shares this layer with Juiblex, the Faceless Lord. Also called the Slime Pits, Shedaklah is a duo-layer: its surface is overran by fungi and plant creatures while its underground corollary […]