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Upcoming Events


For those interested here’s some of the things I’m doing in the next few months: March 22 11:00AM: As part of the ACLA I’m presenting a paper entitled “The Flint of Prometheus” on the relation between Schelling, Marx, and Geology. At NYU (25 W 4th st, room c16). March 22 3:00 PM: I’ll be participating […]

As I leaving the Public School Lecture in NYC I gave on Geophilosophy and Horror I shared part of my subway ride with one of the audience members. As our conversation was winding down he asked me where I was going and so I asked him the same. He said he was off to Wallstreet […]

Over at Hypertiling Fabio has an interesting post about the weird, China Mieville, and the relationship of the weird to speculative philosophy. In general, the post is interesting and provides some interesting bits of clarification but, at times, the language is unnecessarily mean spirited. It would be an exacerbation of ego to assume that it […]

Several interesting conferences coming up: 1 – The schedule for the next Dundee conference on 21st century idealisms is here. 2-The schedule for the Cyclonopedia event in NYC on March 11th is here. 3-The first issue of continent (an onlline journal started by some fellow EGSers) is available online here. I have a short piece […]

In the cyber fog of the Hyperstition archives Nick Land has a short entry on transcendental miserablism (no doubt to be expanded in Fanged Noumena) which he argues is an impregnable form of negation which places all negation in one entity – his example being capitalism. Land argues that the miserablist collapses all change (or […]

At Hypertiling (a blog I should check more frequently) Fabio mentions his ambivalence towards the Lovecraftian tendency amongst the speculative nihilists – a group I would argue includes myself, Reza, Eugene Thacker, Nicola, Evan Calder Williams, SC Hickman, and probably others I am forgetting. My engagement with fictional forms of darkness my seem too hyperbolic […]

Dark Errata


Just wanted to link to SC Hickman’s blog Dark Chemistry which has many very interesting posts on Lovecraft, Negarestani, Lovecraft, Cioran and others. The program for the Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and Ethics conference hosted by George Washington Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute is now online. Unfortunately the first day conflicts with the Cyclonopedia event […]

I am starting to think that it may be possible to combine the various academic pursuits into something resembling a coherent body of thought. Though weird fiction, naturephilosophie/ecology, weird fiction, and pessimistic thought may seem too disparate, it seems that a methodology shifting between theory-fiction and standard metaphysical texts (whatever that means) is useful in […]

Ligotti’s triumphantly negative text is a philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic probing into the non-place that humans occupy in an indifferent universe. Ligotti’s touchstones range from Schopenhauer, to Nietzsche, to Zapffe to contemporaries such as David Benatar and Metzinger while also discussing classical, gothic, and weird fiction. Ligotti also touches on less expected topics such as […]

The CFP for Thinking Nature has been extended to Sept 30th. Please let myself or Timothy know if you are interested. We have several papers but would like more as well as reviews or other shorter text. Via Michael -Analecta Hermenutica No 2 containing my review of Iain Grant’s Philosophies of Nature after Schelling is […]