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Nick has posted information about a cross blog event on science and metaphysics over at Speculative Heresy. Hopefully I will be able to put something together on Bhaskar and generative nature. There is also a series of interviews at Major Philosophy with graduate students in philosophy which I’ve found interesting. Mark  has posted a blurb […]

As has been reported on various other blogs Speculations 1 is out. I want to thank Paul and Thomas for all the work they did to put this together.  The journal looks great and I am still fairly happy with my contribution though I am still not sure how and where (and when) to cap […]

/5/ – The strange process of thought is thought to do more ungrounding then it does or, in other words, the process of thought pushes the onto-epistemological distinction towards one or the other in regards to nature. These two strands of thinking are captured by Pierre Hadot’s Promethean vs Orphic nature. For the former nature […]