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/1/ – The Fullness of the World Just a cursory glance at several of the environmental or ecological theories or related philosophies, one immediately finds oneself on the Aristotelian side of the philosophical universe. This genesis goes through Spinoza, Bergson, and coming to fruition with Deleuze (and arguably Butler). One of the most basic Deleuzian […]

/1/ – Glory’s fictive gossamer Spartans! Frank Miller’s 300 has dredged up a seemingly odd amount of controversy given the fact that it is a film based on a graphic novel which was in turn inspired by a film which was based on a clearly mythologized telling of history. Do the theatrics of a film […]

/1/ – What is the Real? Lacan forever! The triad of Lacanian registers (real, symbolic, imaginary) which make up the psychic structure are often pulled apart from one another and discussed individually as solitary forms. This often leads to a kind simplification which leads not only to a misunderstanding of Lacan’s work as a whole […]

/1/ – What has art been? Nigel Cooke’s Morning is Broken Following Alain Badiou (as per usual) I stand by the fact that art remains one of the fields of truth (the others being science, politics and love). This is not to simply drudge up the old relation of truth and beauty nor I’m I […]

Leaky finitude


/1/ – (In)finity How is that finitude exceeds infinitude? Exceed is a purposefully sloppy word to choose, it exceeds infinitude in its use-value to put it in inappropriately Marxist terms. Douglas Adams may have explained it best: “Arthur had a clear idea of what infinity looked like. It wasn’t infinity in fact. Infinity itself looks […]

On Christianity


/1/ – The noxious doppelgänger The two faces of Christianity most prevalent in the global media consciousness (or whatever you want to call it) are Evangelical (based on its political fervor and fairly recent emergence) and Catholic (due to its widespread clutches and bureaucratic longevity). In his brief text The Puppet and the Dwarf: The […]

Zombie Economy


[Note: The following is a truncated version of an essay I wrote last semester entitled “The answer to ‘Che Vuoi?’ is ‘Vous’: Understanding Capitalism, Ideology and Desire through the Zombic text” with some extensions, additions and other tweaks.] 1 – Marx avec Romero Zombies, (due most likely to their non-western roots) are not found in […]

El Greco’s The Opening of the Fifth Seal /1/ – The Closure of a World Personal confession: There has always been something about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction/films/games that has always sat right with me. From the Mad Max trilogy to the Fallout games there’s always been something oddly comforting about the earth facing almost complete […]

/1/ – Inverted Scandals Larry Flynt once said something about how odd it is that people seem surprised by scandals involving money when it comes to Democrats and ones involving sexual indiscretion when it comes to Republicans. Yet there is an odd kind of glee that is evident when one or the other is exposed. […]

/1/ – Kant’s Nightmare? The question that (arguably) haunted Kant, that, according to some critics he could not face, was the possibility of radical evil. For Kant, evil is, in the most general sense, when one chooses their will over the moral law. It is when pathological or self-interest overcomes our sense of duty, of […]