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CALL FOR PAPERS for the FIRST ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SCHELLING SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (SSNA) AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 SEATTLE UNIVERSITY (SEATTLE, WASHINGTON USA) The SSNA is open to anyone who conducts research on Schelling and Schellingian philosophy in the English language. The SSNA mission is to (1) further research in English, […]

/1/ – Figuring the field There is a series of small confluences that caused this post. The first is the (seemingly) rarely discussed issue of the concept of ‘Handelgiest’ or trade spirit. This is the uglier or perhaps just contextualized version of Hegel’s master slave relationship. As Paul Gilroy discusses in his text The Black […]

On Christianity


/1/ – The noxious doppelgänger The two faces of Christianity most prevalent in the global media consciousness (or whatever you want to call it) are Evangelical (based on its political fervor and fairly recent emergence) and Catholic (due to its widespread clutches and bureaucratic longevity). In his brief text The Puppet and the Dwarf: The […]