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/1/ – Ontological evacuation and the Sublime There’s a moment, which I have already mentioned in previous posts, in Alenka Zupancic’s brilliant text Ethics of the Real where she carefully articulates the Kantian sublime. While I will not repeat her discussion in full, what I’ve been endlessly fascinated with is the ontological shift that occurs […]

/1/ – Graphic novel or comic book? The idea of a field like comic book studies (which is a not really established field within another not really established field – Popular Culture Studies) might appear pretty laughable even to non-academics, or more serious lit folks who thumb their noses at comics in general. Comics, for […]

/1/ – ‘Comrade Lenin cleanses the earth of filth’ First and foremost it is important to note that this post is partially caused by Larval Subject’s recent post on radical change. That is somewhat an oversimplification as he addresses social dynamics and a discussion of differing models of liberation, but change seems to be the […]

/1/ – Hegel’s schoolroom Hegel has had more than a fistful of detractors (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kierkegaard) and even his apparent supporters (Marx in particular) are heavily critical of both the major tenants and minor details of his philosophical system. It is well noted how Marx believed that Hegel was ‘standing on his head’ when it […]