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/1/ – The Great insults In several texts Žižek has pointed out the great insults to humanity and our perceived role in the universe. The first is Copernicus’ discovery that we are not at the center of the universe contrary to the bible. The second great insult comes from Darwin – we are not even […]

/1/ – The Faceless on the Couch Setting aside the clotted German accent, the experience of the Freudian analysis is best mentally congealed in the image of the couch. Contrary to the simple brown leather that is usually portrayed in caricatures, Freud’s couch looked as if it belonged more in a harem than in a […]

/1/ – The Realness of Fantasy Guillermo del Toro’s El laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) is an interesting note on fascism as well as the subsequent relation between fiction and politics (discussed somewhat in my entry on Frank Miller’s 300.) On a very basic level Pan’s Labyrinth belongs to a broad series of works involving […]