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I found Ray Brassier’s recent talk on Sellars and Brandom quite interesting. What was particularly striking was Brassier’s comment that Sellars is a thinker of stratified processes, a project sounds utterly fascinating given my own attempts at trying to adequately (if speculatively) describe the relation of thought to nature. Furthermore, a critical focus of the […]

Transcendental Dynamism breaks and re-integrates Real-Materiality-Sense-Intelligence with transcendence and immanence modalities and trans-modalities between the different regimes of being. Immanence, as a mode of philosophy, explores thought and materiality on one plane, whereas transcendence admits the artificiality of separating thought and being. In order to understand the various uses of transcendence and immanence – I […]

Quite some time ago when I first started to write about Speculative Realism and ‘dark’ aesthetics Alex Williams made a comment which I should of taken as a strong suggestion. The comment was on this post from over two years ago where I tried to outline what a Speculative Realist Naturphilosophie would be and that […]