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The post was partially inspired by Sarah Marshall‘s piece Beyond Clarice at the Hairpin. I’ve mentioned several times that I have the fantasy of retreating to a cabin somewhere, watching an egregious amount of horror films (though I wonder how many one has to watch as I’ve already seen around 200), and writing a book […]

I will be providing an online contribution to the Real Horror event taking place on Halloween. Contributors include: Carl Neville Simon Clark Ben Rivers Amanda Beech Mark Fisher Organised and Chaired by Tom Trevatt and Caryn Coleman

Natural horror has become an unremarkable part of the larger horror canon – giant animals terrorizing humankind has been part of horror film for almost a hundred years. The films generally fall into Hadot’s Orphic/Promethean split: either nature or one element of nature is ‘unbalanced’ by humanity or it centers on scientists playing god with […]