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Philosophy…the very world bears a halo so tarnished with the fingernail scratches of a desperate hold that its meaning is as dim as it is persistent. Philosophy begins in wonder, in disappointment, with anything except instantaneous experience (according to Laruelle). So say the philosophers. Though few comments have seemed as honest as Lyotard’s – that […]

Transcendental Dynamism breaks and re-integrates Real-Materiality-Sense-Intelligence with transcendence and immanence modalities and trans-modalities between the different regimes of being. Immanence, as a mode of philosophy, explores thought and materiality on one plane, whereas transcendence admits the artificiality of separating thought and being. In order to understand the various uses of transcendence and immanence – I […]

The following in a brief summation of Plotinus’ One: The One is a non-concept which is known through its effect as power, foundation and location.  The One, as all that is and what is potential, emanates all existents.  The One is pure possibility. The One generates intelligence which is the source of being yet this […]

Nick from The Accursed Share, Taylor from Fractal Ontology and myself have begun a collective blog which hopes to be a nexus for Speculative Realism, Non-Philosophy and Transcendental Materialism. It is called Speculative Heresy.  Other authors have already signed on and translations and resources are also available.

Katerina Kolozova’s The Real and the “I” is a brilliant text which complicates Francois Laruelle’s non-philosophy with post-structuralist feminist theory, psychoanalysis, and various continental philosophies. Like Brassier’s Nihil Unbound, Kolozova’s project is a heretical reading of Laruelle’s philsopy which, while maintaining the basic tenets of his system (unilateral duality, vision in one, the Real, transcendence […]