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Agent: Teleomechanism Theories: Epigenesis/Preformation Temporal Dimension: Natural History Figures: Blumenbach, Kant Agent: Self-Organization Theory: Life force/Vital matter Temporal Dimension: History of Nature Figures: Herder, Kielmeyer, Schelling Agent: Function Theory: Degeneration/Transformation Temporal Dimension: Catastrophe Figures: Stahl, von Haller, Cuvier, Bichat Agent: Morphology Theory: Metamorphosis/Archetypes Temporal Dimension: Gradualism Figures: Goethe, St-Hilaire, Oken This is a working draft […]

Last time I wrote about (among other things) how the mistake of confusing the normal with the healthy should not be merely combined with a critique of the biometric approach in biology (or even more generally the mathematization of life). Canguilhem is well known for repeating over and over the impossibility of equating the normal […]

A long erratic path has led me back to looking at biology and bio-philosophy as part of a book project on the relationship between German Romanticism/Naturphilosophie and French Structuralism and Materialism. Having read both analytic Philosophy of Biology (especially Grene and Depew) and various Bio-Philosophies (Bergson’s Creative Evolution, Canguilhem’s Knowledge of Life, various Deleuzian takes […]