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I am consistently guilty over my lack of knowledge of contemporary art and aesthetics. Particularly in relation to Speculative Realism it seems that artists, curators, and media practitioners of various stripes are far better than philosophers or theorists at addressing art. This seems particularly evident in events such as The Matter of Contradiction (the video […]

/1/ – Porus origins I devoted an early entry to the subject of Anorexia previously as well as one on Skeletal Ontology – here I am working out a possible synthesis of those arguments via my new found philosophical program – transcendental materialism. So to begin again: With Skeletal ontology, I discussed that while Nick […]

/1/ – On education Jacques Ranciere’s The Ignorant Schoolmaster is a text that has been throughly dissected for its pedagogical uses. In the book Ranciere documents the intellectual adventures of Joseph Jacotot, a man who in the 18th and 19th centuries, struggled to further his views of intellectual emancipation. Jacotot, who due to the dominating […]

/1/ – The Uncanny road to trauma… The translation of the word unheimlich, literally ‘unhomeness’, is uncanny – a philosophical and psychological category all too familiar thanks to the work of Sigmund Freud. Yet, the original German term has a primarily spatial orientation – it is a feeling of not being where one feels like […]

Stars and Stripes lets us know No, I’m not going to subscribe to some of the fun theories about Hitler’s death: that he escaped to South America, to the South Pole, to the inside of the earth or that, even less seriously, They Saved Hitler’s Brain! What do all the circulating rumors about Hitler tell […]