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Weirding Wests


Besides a slew of zombie cowboy films, western and horror seem like genres that do not intermix often.  The history of the weird and the western seem to have a limited amount of crossover  with the rpg Deadlands and the DC series Weird Western Tales.  For the latter Jonah Hex and the Riders of the […]

Previously, I discussed Graphic Novels and Comic Books in relation to spatiality and the art of drawing (as articulated by Badiou). The act of drawing creates the form itself as well as the background (from the whiteness of the page) embodying a schizogenesis – of the cut that holds together. This stitch-trailed-abscission is the central […]

It would be hard not to notice the numerous rapid descents in the Dark Knight which, while uncommon for filmic representations of superheroes, seem particularly frantic and well done. I would argue that this is indicative of the film’s content as well as its form: the Dark Knight is not so much the recognizable ‘descent […]

The rift between narrative and non-narrative has been crystallized in the recent writers strike – as it becomes as visible as possible, what exactly it is the writers do for the television industry. Executives have predictably turned to reality television in its various forms to wait out the storm. Reality television is, in fact, almost […]

A fairly recent study to verify the existence of non-conscious effects in the brain entailed a subject being flashed with a fearful face so quickly (33 milliseconds) that it could not be consciously registered. Yet, as caught on a high res MRI, the face had an observable effect – causing anxiety in the test subject. […]

Leaky Economy


The following is a nervously humorous exchange from No Country for Old Men: “Chigurh: What’s the most you’ve ever lost on a coin toss? Proprietor: Sir? Chigurh: The most. You ever lost. On a coin toss. Proprietor: I don’t know. I couldn’t say. Chigurh: Call it. Proprietor: Call it? Chigurh: Yes. Proprietor: Well – we […]

/1/ – Critical Separation What is it that separates human beings from animals? It is a simple question in the most broad sense and one that is constantly answered and simultaneously unanswerable. The connective tissue is one immersed in violence – when humans are treated ‘like animals’ do both the torturers and the subjects of […]

/1/ – The Uncanny road to trauma… The translation of the word unheimlich, literally ‘unhomeness’, is uncanny – a philosophical and psychological category all too familiar thanks to the work of Sigmund Freud. Yet, the original German term has a primarily spatial orientation – it is a feeling of not being where one feels like […]

/1/ – Sounds across the stage Over time the sound track has wormed its way deeper into the medium of cinema. Is it possible that this kind of narratological infection is parallel to the increasing reflexivity of music itself? Sound was first introduced to film at the turn of the century but was not a […]

/1/ – At Century’s turn The very concept of the turn of the century, whether rendered in English or the French fin de siècle, is tethered to one particular time: the shift from the 19th to the 20th century. This temporal lurch appears more drastic then any other because of the technological advances of the […]