Horror Films for 2022


I have made this list previously here and here if you’re looking for further/older recommendations.

Brief note: Trend wise two things seem more common this year than the last few years in general in horror film (besides more ‘artsy’ A24 films and generally retro moves) and that is more comedy horror films (Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, Barbarian, Sissy, Dayshift, Studio 666) and quite a few more cosmic/psychadelic horror films (Glorious, Hellbender, ).

Also Nope is not on the list – I liked it but it is really not a horror film.

8 for Silver (aka the cursed)

A visually striking period-piece werewolf film that actually makes werewolves more visceral and yet still magical in a way that is often not pulled off so well.


Great Finnish film about children too closely mirroring their parents and being wounded by responsbility. Great practical effects as well.

Mad God

Probably the most celebrated low-budget labor of love project this year. The film is made of stop motion and some standard film but is without dialog or really plot.


More thriller than horror but a nicely tense serial killer film set in Bucharest.


The most straight forward horror film on this list (in terms of a good slasher). Ti West is in good form and the film has some of the best jump scares and editing to scare that I’ve seen in a long time. A group sets out to film an interracial porno in Texas and things get weird…


Sci-fi horror action mashup that is carried mostly by its lead Midthunder. Gets a lot of points for being so patient


More thriller than horror – a woman is forced to deal with a former abusive ex-lover that involves an increasingly horrific display of violence and trauma. The performance of the two leads is more than memorable…

The Innocents

Stand by me meets Scanners meets Village of the Damned. Set in a Norweigan suburb a group of kids discover supernatural powers that their boredom and cruelty twists real quick.

Speak no Evil

Another northern European hit. An invite to stay a few weeks in the summer goes from a comparison between dutch and danish culture to horror real quick.

We’re all going to the world’s fair

My favorite pick for the year. A teenager plays a you tube game (like digital bloody mary for gen z reminiscent of early pre-streamlines youtube weirdness). The film is so barely a horror film that this actually makes it more scary than the usual fair.

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