Horror films for Halloween


Previously I made a list of some of my favorite horror films (with some of them being less known). Below are a few of the best horror films from the last two years.

Probably my favorite horror film which is not really scary but creepy and unsettling – it is about a group of women dealing with aging and house that seems to change the deeper go inside it.

Unnerving film about a ‘new mom’ figure who is recovering from a cult experience and unsure if she ever actually left. Very slow burn psychological horror.

Off the rails Brazilian film that messes with the ‘man is the deadliest game’ trope that’s popped up in The Hung and Ready or Not. Probably the best postcolonial horror film that exists? (Blood Quantum would also be a contender)

Censor should get more attention -it’s a video nasty about video nasties (low budget straight to vhs horror films in the UK. The performance of Niamh Algar is enough to sell it.

Two refugees from Sudan experience the horror of English racisim in conjunction with trauma from their past.


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