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There is a particularly odd aspect to the transition from the gothic to the modern, from familial ruins and rotting lineages (themselves already transplanted from their old world haunts across the sea) to the leakiness of the mind and the blurriness of the landscape. This is in some sense at least the beginning of the […]

In Sylvia Wynter’s “Unsettling Coloniality…” she suggests that discourses on the progress of the figure of the human (but in the name of Man) remain too eurocentric – that the so-called progress of ‘human’ civilization from Man 1 (theological and social from the Renaissance to the 18th century) to Man 2 (bio-centric and economic begining […]

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) Lots of Hammer Horror films could be on here (high concept, good actors, really British) but this is the one that I watch repeatedly. The film is a procedural detective story in many ways, slowly analyzing artifacts while we know what is happening but are totally fascinated by the […]