2014: Broadly and my own projects


Jon Cogburn has posted a nice things to look for kind of post (but more thoughtful than that really) in regards to continental philosophy. The texts that he links to confirm some broader issues that I (and others) have been circling around recently:

1 – The legacy of Hegel as something more than a theory of the subject or as lofty idealist. Part of this involves pushing past Zizek (I think) and looking at Hegel’s uptake in analytic thought as it relates to the political use of Hegel via the Philosophy of Right in continental circles. German Idealism and the neurosciences is something I hear more and more about from grad students as well.

2 – What in the hell does idealism mean? I think Iain Grant and Markus Gabriel’s work will continue to make interesting inroads in this direction and show how the construal of idealism as ‘naive’ is a dead horse that Marxists and Deleuzians have been beating for too long. As Cogburn points out this means addressing closely the British Idealists and the transition from German Idealism to neo-Kantianism as well.

3 – As a corollary to the idealism issue I think what exactly Platonism is (especially in relation to idealism) is something that Badiou has kicked up that Brassier and Grant and others have addressed. That Platonism has a stake in ‘what is not’ (as Markus Gabriel has discussed as well) gives a critical edge to it that disturbs the long-held characterizations of Plato and of philosophies of negativity.

4 – Lastly I think interesting work will happen addressing the difference between ‘weak ontologies’ (such as Badiou, Meillassoux, and Tristan Garcia) and epistemology. There’s quite a bit of interesting cross overs between French thought and analytic thought which will continue to move in interesting ways.

So a few things in the pipeline that I thought folks may be interested in:

January: Three short texts I’m working on should appear soon. This first is my response to a three person review of On an Ungrounded Earth by Kai Bosworth, Harlan Morehouse, and Rory Rowan. The review is to appear in Society and Space. The second text is a short piece on medieval theories of motion as they relate to design for the journal TAG. I am also writing and afterword for a collection coming out from Punctum on Capitalism and the Earth.

February: I’ll be presenting at the conference Animacies in Milwaukee as part of the 2014 MIGC. My talk is going to be on Schelling and motion broadly as it relates to thought and animal movement.

March: I’m presenting at the ACLA in NYC on a panel titled Alien Capital. My paper will be on Schelling’s Prometheanism as it relates to mining and geophilosophy. Following the conference I am organizing a one-day event with Ed Keller on Post-Planetary Capital. Several interesting speakers for that event! I am also hoping to attend an event in Vancouver…details forthcoming!

April: I will be back in Milwaukee for the C21 annual conference on Anthropocene Feminisms.

A few publications will be coming out during these months as well but the timeline for those is pretty uncertain at the moment. Prismatic Ecologies was just released and I have essays in a Deleuze collection as well as a Lacan and Posthumanism collection.


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