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Now that I’ve made it through my PhD comprehensive exams I will be able to update the blog more regularly though it will most likely take the form of working out some of the issues I will be dealing with in my dissertation. On an Ungrounded Earth is in the last stages of proofing and hopefully will be available shortly!

But for now here is an update post of talking commitments:

1-I’ll be in Dublin March 1-3 presenting at “Weaponizing Speculations” organized by D.U.S.T. My talk is on the importance of spatiality in regards to Naturphilosophie as it is articulated by Longo and Bailly, while also dipping a bit into sheaf theory. Speaking of sheaf theory there is a great post on it in relation to continental thought here.

2-Right after Dublin I’ll be hopping over to London to present at the Speculative Aesthetics Roundtable organized by James Trafford. The other presenters are Ray Brassier, Mark Fisher, Robin Mackay, Reza Negerastani, Benedict Singleton, Nick Srnicek. James Trafford, Alex Williams, and Amanda Beech. My presentation is on the difficulty of having a useful aesthetics in relation to ecology as it’s currently dominated by either eco-disaster sublime-ness or cute-animal ‘practices.’ Yes, I’m going to ramble about the evils of cuteness.

3-In early April I’ll be giving a three day seminar for the Performing Arts Forum in northern France. Tristan Garcia and Denise Ferreira are also presenting. The poster will the details is below:


2 Responses to “Upcoming talks”

  1. Looking forward to seeing some of the dissertation material on here

  2. 2 inthesaltmine

    Thank you for the mention. I would love to speak with you personally sometime on this matter, as I’m sure there are many questions we still have left unanswered. Also, will these talks be recorded? I wish you the best, and I look forward to hearing from you. Best, David.

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