Slime Dynamics and Future Projects


Now that the semester has started up again it will become a bit more of a hectic time but I want to update the blog more regularly than it has been thus far. One course is on Gilles Deleuze the other is on Darwin, Freud, and Foucault. For the former I presented on “Subtraction and Contraction” last week so there’s that!

Slime Dynamics is out on some Amazon sites but not others as the release date is the 16th on and but the 28th on There was a small launch for the book yesterday afternoon which was quite nice…I’m glad to say its a done deal now. Something I don’t think I’ve adequately expressed is my thanks to Mark Fisher for editing and for Tarriq Goddard for supporting the project.

It’s a bit strange looking back on Slime Dynamics now but I still like it and see it mostly as an inside job on vitalism whereas On an Ungrounded Earth is an inside job on Geophilosophy. I see them as part of a trilogy – the third part being a proposal I’m currently working on which will focus on epistemology and the nonhuman/posthuman. Details on that will emerge in the next few months hopefully.

But, of course, I am also beginning to outline my dissertation which will be on making Schelling a realist (a third of it will be on systematic thinking – naturalism, monism, history, a third will be on analytic thought and Schelling – Pierce, Sellars, and dispositions, and a third will be on various sciences and Schelling’s relation to them). There will be quite a bit of Deleuze comparing and contrasting and Laruelle’s cloning will play an important part.


2 Responses to “Slime Dynamics and Future Projects”

  1. 1 J.

    On page 29 of ‘Slime Dynamics’, you write that “fungus is representative of death and not another form of life”.

    What about animal-fungi (Mueller et al 2001, 2005) and mycorrhizae (Brundrett 2002; Yang and Qiu 2006; Koricheva et al 2009) mutualisms, heterokaryotic fungi (Jinks 1952; Caten 1966), lichen symbioses (Lutzoni et al 2001; Bates et al 2011), and myco-heterotroph relationships (Leake 1994, 2010)?

  2. Thanks a lot for spending some time to compose “Slime
    Dynamics and Future Projects Naught Thought”.

    Many thanks once again -Melodee

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