Ongoing projects…


Some somewhat banal updates about things I’m working on:

1 – For the Of Monsters, and Miracles conference at my home university of Western I am completing a piece called “A Weird Posthumanism” which is on Lovecraft and Luciana Parisi as making a kind of proto posthumanism together with their biological articulations of early planetary life.

2 – I am also completing an essay for the Aesthetics of Absence conference in Toronto on Schelling’s nature and Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher as components of a melancholic ecology.

3 – I am finishing a large essay on Schelling, speculation, metaphor, and science which I hope to use as the basis for the Schelling Society of North America conference (assuming I get accepted) as well as the introduction to my dissertation (hopefully).

4 – Slime Dynamics is complete and is in the very last stages of pre-production.

5 – The second issue of Thinking Nature is coming together as we’ve received many interesting submissions both written and visual.

6 – Lastly, my abstract for the Nonhuman Turn Conference was accepted. Barring any radical changes my paper “Against Deleuze’s Joy” will focus on Steven Shaviro, Jane Bennett, and Eugene Thacker.

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