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CALL FOR PAPERS for the FIRST ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SCHELLING SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (SSNA) AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 SEATTLE UNIVERSITY (SEATTLE, WASHINGTON USA) The SSNA is open to anyone who conducts research on Schelling and Schellingian philosophy in the English language. The SSNA mission is to (1) further research in English, […]

As I leaving the Public School Lecture in NYC I gave on Geophilosophy and Horror I shared part of my subway ride with one of the audience members. As our conversation was winding down he asked me where I was going and so I asked him the same. He said he was off to Wallstreet […]

In the introduction to On University Studies its said that it was one of Schelling’s last happy texts – as he begins to entertain ideas of darkness, chaos, and evil in the Essay on Freedom. But this, I think, overlooks a serious transition in Schelling, a movement away from Spinoza and towards something more unique […]

Schelling’s text On University Studies (or on the Method of Academic Study) is a peculiar text. It’s a series of lectures notes that Schelling gave at the age of 27 on the concept of studying at university and studying philosophy in particular. At the moment I’m reading this text in a course on German Idealism […]