Again I’ve fallen behind on posting mostly due to my relocation to Canada and starting my PhD program in Theory and Criticism at the University of Western Ontario.

This upcoming week I will be responding to JJ Cohen at the second Speculative Medievalisms event and on the following day (Saturday the 17th) I’ll be presenting on Reza’s work as it relates to geophilosophy at the Public School. Eileen Joy has posted the entire set of SR related events (which are ongoing) in NYC this month here.

Next month I’ll be presenting at SPEP on a panel on German Idealism post-Zizek along with Michael O’Neill Burns and John Van Houdt on Saturday afternoon October 22.

In addition to finishing up editing on Slime Dynamics and On an Ungrounded Earth, I have three essays which have gone off for editing and two more due in the next month so blog posts will most likely not pick up till October.

In November I’ll be speaking at the second black metal event. Information here.

After the field (desk) is cleared of all that I will start working on two larger projects one of which will be my Dissertation. One project will be extended critique of the concept of becoming followed by a different approach via Leibniz, Schelling, Schopenhauer, (possibly Freud and Nietzsche) and analytic philosophies of powers. The second project is a weird or aesthetically alternative history of the concept of nature as it applies to ecology. There’s quite a bit of cross over between the two and they may merge in some ways.


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