Dark Materialisms and London wrap-up


The talks from the Dark Materialism event are now available as podcasts on the Backdoor Broadcasting Company site. I was asked a few days before to provide a brief summary of Reza’s paper (which is also available at the link above) so if you listen to the last file you can hear me ramble incoherently.

London has been very interesting – the presentations at the aforementioned event were excellent (I particularly enjoyed Eugene Thacker’s and Gabirel Catren’s talks) as were the talks at Melanchology and Speculative Medievalisms. It’s been nice to see so many people rarely or never seen before outside the blogosphere such as Nick Srnicek, Eugene Thacker, Gabriel Catren, Nicola Masciandaro, Michael O’Rourke, Scott Wilson, Evan Calder Williams, Anthony Paul Smith, and many others I’m no doubt forgetting or met without knowing them virtually. I met many post-medievalists, theory blackeners, and the like and its been good.

More coherent comments to follow once I am back stateside.


2 Responses to “Dark Materialisms and London wrap-up”

  1. 1 anna klosowska

    Ben, fabulous talk in London. Listen, I have a parrot-like question: how do you pronounce ooo? triple-oh? oooooooo? ow ow ow?

    Please advise,



    • 2 Ben Woodard

      Thank you very much!

      I think most of the OOO/OOP folks say triple-O for the sake of ease

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