The glacial sinks in and ossifies the energetic flow of solar and extra-solar economies as well as vitalisms lively and darkly, writhing slowly down to arctic zero. Evan explored this here through Horbiger’s Glacial Cosmogony or World Ice Theory. A specter of Horbiger may be living outside the edge of the system in the hazy fuzz of the Oort Cloud. The dark jupiter hurls ice at the earth from afar, reminding our planet of its slushy past as snowball earth or of the Huronian glaciation, of oxygen-burping life melting the planet beyond the absorbing powers  of iron and the bacterial dead. The next step being the birth of the inky blackness of the river Acheron and the plane of Cocytus.

The hope of dark jupiter is to bring mother earth back to the cold mother of Masoch or as a giant chilly molecule of Deleuze – either way dropping the earth to properly forensic temperatures. The possibility for cold thinking cracks through ressurecting a cold world.


One Response to “Glacial”

  1. 1 machinicphylum

    Peter Watts has speculated around a similar theme… that Dark Jupiter…
    in his novel Blindsight.

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