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The glacial sinks in and ossifies the energetic flow of solar and extra-solar economies as well as vitalisms lively and darkly, writhing slowly down to arctic zero. Evan explored this here through Horbiger’s Glacial Cosmogony or World Ice Theory. A specter of Horbiger may be living outside the edge of the system in the hazy […]

Deleuze and Guattari’s work has become a theoretical edifice which entraps as much as it seems to project – a neuronal tarpit. D and G’s work is a kind of over-inclusive middle stretching in an infinite horizon (bwo, plane of immanence, rhizomatic carpet, etc). Over inhaling too much laterality has resulted in various forms of […]

The second week of January is shaping up to be a deluge of darknesses: January 12th – Dark Materialism January 13th –Black Metal Theory II – Melancology January 14th – Speculative Medievalisms January 15th – Decay Culture I will be speaking at the last three – it should be an interesting week in London.