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I will be providing an online contribution to the Real Horror event taking place on Halloween. Contributors include: Carl Neville Simon Clark Ben Rivers Amanda Beech Mark Fisher Organised and Chaired by Tom Trevatt and Caryn Coleman

In a very interesting post, Graham Harman discusses Meillassoux’s philosophy as a philosophy of immanence. He writes: “What Meillassoux claims to prove is that the things-in-themselves would exist even if all humans were extinguished. Thus, the things can exist without us. However, in order for something to be a thing-in-itself, it is not enough simply […]

The topography of becoming from the Bennett quote in the last post, is immediately hard to pull out of a temporal matrix. This is Whitehead’s solution via actual occasions where hardened experience effects crystalizations down the line – but the anthrocentrism of this solidification is questionable. This brings us back to the problem of intuition […]

Somehow it didn’t quite register with me how close Jane Bennett’s future project discussed in her interview with Peter Gratton is to what I am trying to do, at least in terms of metaphysics, especially in relation to Reza’s and Land’s work. Bennett says the following: “I want to get better at discerning the topography […]

Reading Simon Critchley’s How to Stop Living and Start Worrying I was (paradoxically?) hopeful that I had a supremely negative text on my hand. The book starts by engaging an issue I discussed here – that philosophy and life, or perhaps more accurately living, have become a mess leading philosophy towards self help and folk […]

I am starting to think that it may be possible to combine the various academic pursuits into something resembling a coherent body of thought. Though weird fiction, naturephilosophie/ecology, weird fiction, and pessimistic thought may seem too disparate, it seems that a methodology shifting between theory-fiction and standard metaphysical texts (whatever that means) is useful in […]