Polygraph 22 Out Now Update


Polygraph: 22 Ecology and Ideology is out now. It is available for order on amazon.

The issue includes pieces from Zizek, Michael Hardt, Anthony Paul Smith, Timothy Morton and myself among others. The introduction and several pieces are available as pdf at the link above.

Looking at the contributions and thinking back on my own, it is clear that quite a bit of work needs to be done in order to shed the ideological fat entrapping nature as a discursive and conceptual entity (to say nothing of the philosophical and scientific twistings of it as well).

I would like to thank the issue editors for all their work in putting the text together.


Gerry Canavan, one of the editors, has posted the summaries of each of the articles from the introduction here.

Also, boing boing has a link to and discussion of one of the issue’s interviews here.


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