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Ligotti’s triumphantly negative text is a philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic probing into the non-place that humans occupy in an indifferent universe. Ligotti’s touchstones range from Schopenhauer, to Nietzsche, to Zapffe to contemporaries such as David Benatar and Metzinger while also discussing classical, gothic, and weird fiction. Ligotti also touches on less expected topics such as […]

Polygraph: 22 Ecology and Ideology is out now. It is available for order on amazon. The issue includes pieces from Zizek, Michael Hardt, Anthony Paul Smith, Timothy Morton and myself among others. The introduction and several pieces are available as pdf at the link above. Looking at the contributions and thinking back on my own, […]

The CFP for Thinking Nature has been extended to Sept 30th. Please let myself or Timothy know if you are interested. We have several papers but would like more as well as reviews or other shorter text. Via Michael -Analecta Hermenutica No 2 containing my review of Iain Grant’s Philosophies of Nature after Schelling is […]