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I am pleased to announce that Professor Timothy Morton will co-edit Thinking Nature. The fact that we have similar interests in nature and ecology but very different views should generate a divergent issue. Please submit to the CFP below. Thinking Nature Issue 1 Call for Papers Authors are invited to submit articles for Thinking Nature […]

There is a strong ecological current in Toy Story 3. At its most simplified form Toy Story 3 is 1 Corinthians 13:11 meets reduce, reuse, recycle. Childish things must be properly put away in order to move on not in a generic emotional sense but in an ecological sense. The leering threat of TS3 is […]

In chapter five of Vibrant Matter Bennett turns her attention to vitalism in order to flesh out her project of a vital materialism. As with the previous chapter, Bennett notes the importance of annhilating  distinctions. What kinds of distinctions are being dissolved and in what fashion is a problem obscured in the term materialism. As […]

Outline After using a bit of Kafka Bennett begins to discuss how life fits in between the organic and the inorganic registers of existence. Bennett states that life is a “biological category” but one with traditionally humanist characteristics such as “the capacity for emotion, sociality, and reflection” (52). While animals are surely capable of these […]

I’ve been derelict in discussing Vibrant Matter. Several posts have been made about the first few chapters many of which are linked here. The most recent posts are on Critical Animal. I  want to briefly present some thoughts on the first few chapters before focusing on the vitalism chapters next week. Adrian has a very […]