Alex and Nick have both posted their contributions to the Militant Dysphoria event on Wednesday in London.  One of the points in Dominic’s book which struck me was in relation to his discussion of Xasthur in that  suicide is not a solution but a capitulation (44) and that misanthropy must be cleaned of all self pity (55).   The important point here is that it is negativity is often assumped to be self canceling in that the accuracy and place of misanthropy automatically appears questionable.  The common micsonstrual of dysphoria/misathropy or various forms of negativity is that the assumption is that such negativity can never be as broad as it claims to be – it is either against a particular group (racism masquerading as negativity for example) or as actually directed against the self and in this case the sad, angry individual should merely get it over with and kill themselves.

The negativity of thought, to the contrary, invokes a inhumanization of the self and an outward inhumanization towards the end of the comfortable gap between the process of worlding and the earth, the non-human world or even the desolate, non-anthropic cosmos.

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