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The alchemist term azoth stretches from the beginning to the end in its etymological roots and unites cohesion and corrosion.  This term may have inspired Lovecraft’s gibbering monstrosity known as Azathoth.  This blind idiot god, I argue, is somewhere between or perhaps an interpenetration of Oken’s Zero and Plotinus’ One.

One of the most unfortunate constants of science fiction is its humanistic optimism whether secular or mythic. The unification of planets, of empires and rebellions asserts a communitarian harmony as well as a ubiquity of civilized life. The post-apocalyptic and the dying earth subgenres offer some hope of desolation and pessimism but often relapse into […]

Black Sun


The image of the black sun appears in various biblical, alchemist, hermetic and occult texts.  The black sun appears as the dark material underside of the pure and philosophical sun (the Platonic sun).  The productive material sun is placed as a rotting corpse into the earth’s core as its productive core going from Philolaus to […]

Two posts and resulting responses over at Larval Subjects have convinced me to do a pragmatic post.  While I generally try and avoid anything relating to normal existence I am concerned about applying to Phd programs in the US. Basically, based on what I have read and heard about philosophy PhD programs in the US, […]

In their mostly fascinating text The Collapse of Chaos Jack Cohen and Iain Stewart make a strong case for a nuanced emergentism – arguing that patterns in the universe point to a actually real things stating that patterns are not only ideal constructions.  On one level it does seem impossible to reject weak emergentism – […]