Wormed Earth


The small function of decay(of the tiny worm) meets the colossal destruction of the worm with the Riftworm (from Gears of War) the Antlions (Half Life 2), the Sandworms of Dune, the Graboids from Tremors, the cytidic Mongolian death worm and Poe’s Conqueror Worm.

Giant destructive machines appear monstrously wormy – the mining ship of Abrams Star Trek and even more so the planet killer from TOS episode “Doomsday Machine.” Again we have the spatial torsion of the microbial and the gigantic.   Both the wormy movement and the planet killing functions as an ungrounding as either internal in the former or external in the latter.  Digging ungrounds and opens (creates an Open) up the teeming of base life, or crude life.  This vital potentiality which while grounded in empiricism also supersedes it – it comes from a certain darkness – an abyssal abgrund.

The giant ungrounding constructs display a madness of reason (what Kant missed, Lacan pointed out and Schelling embraced) in which the dangerousness of the speculative thought process bores into the planet or a thought which lets nature dig through itself (its  own grounding – exposing itself to its own anti-equilibrium (here we could take a look at The Medea Hypothesis which Steven Shaviro discusses here).

In this sense Lacan’s naming of man as disadapted is a bit of a misnomer as man is with nature in that he carries its instability instead of being with nature in a way that man and nature balance each other out.  Man exacerbates the ungrounding function of thought – the way nature thinks through him.

In other words the minute ungroundings of decay meet the planetary ungroundings of the supermechanical in the science fictive.  As Negarestani says of the relic which, as seen in the previous entry, binds phenomenologies to temporalities “a relic is an operative of exhumation which confounds the chronological time by connecting Now with abyssal time scales” (Cyclonopedia, p. 242).

Or, as Grant puts it in “The Insuffiency of Ground”: “Schelling opens a chasm at the core of world-reason that descends into the chaos before the world, denying the sufficiency of reason as ground of the world.”  Thus, reason exhumes itself from itself revealing, in the stone cork of a planet, the crude matter swirling stupidly in its generation of life


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