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Vital Decay


Reza has a wonderul discussion of decay in relation to space and triadic formulation of time.  One sentence in particular stuck out to me: “vital time introduces nightmares of the cosmic time into the phenomena of life.”  In a sense this defines the project of a dark phenomenology – of tempering the jubilant comportment as […]

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Reading posts over at Larval Subjects brought this to  mind. From the 1813 draft of the Weltalter: “But another sort of sophistry misuses the concept of what-is-not in another way.  For this concept is supposed to serve as a proof that being is not comprehensible, from which this sophistry further concludes that absolutely nothing is […]

Jason Wirth’s collection Schelling Now is more hit or miss than The New Schelling but the former contains multiple discussions of the concept of Mitwisenschaft (or Mitt-wisenschaft) discussed in The Ages of the World.  Mitwisenschaft, which can be translated as con-science, co-knowledge (and other ways) is Schelling’s appropriation (according to Wirth) of the latin conscientiae […]

It seems I have already been beaten to the punch by Stellar Cartographies and by Taylor but it is readily apparent that Catren’s work is of phenomenal importance.  While I support the demolishment of Meillassoux’s absolutization of physics, my own concerns lead me to wonder how Catren’s work effects a philosophy of nature. Creating a […]