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The seemingly unstoppable juggernaut known as object oriented philosophy continues to make its way across the wastes of the blogosphere.  Levi has written a particularly interesting piece here addressing change and the withdrawnness of objects in particular.  In regards to identity Levi writes: “the identity of the Ship of Tarsus is not based on its […]

Perhaps it’s the Lacanian in me that wishes to analyse the other-than-philosophical issues around  Speculative Realism particularly in response to Mikhail’s discussion here.  There is quite a bit said in the comments which I agree with being someone raised on Butler, Derrida and Foucault.  But then, as someone who has come face to face with […]

Biorheology, according to the International Society of Biorheology attempts to: “determine and characterize the dynamics of physiological processes at all scales of organization, from organ, tissue and cell down to the molecular level. In all these areas, the interrelationships of rheological properties with structural and functional aspects of the biological materials studied are stressed. At […]