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If sexual difference has been relegated to symbolic functions, and to speech in particular, how is the masculine to survive, as exceptional in the above formulation, without simply resorting to a flaccid internalization as it seems to have done in the figure of the dumb husband? To connect this to the cultural (and to a […]

Rachel and I have found ourselves consistently confused by the unavoidable coupling of the dumb husband and nagging wife found throughout the television-scape. Our consensus is that post-sexual revolution, men and women found themselves in a situation where masculinity has become infantalized and femininity has become powerful only in stereotypical mother roles and thus men […]

The Large Hadron Collider – the largest particle accelerator complex in the world – nestled beneath the earth’s surface and running for miles under the border of Switzerland and France, is currently undergoing cooling and final maintenance checks and is set to be activated on September 10th although collisions will not take place until October. […]