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/1/ – Zizek in Love Previously, I have discussed the following, but while the initial concerns are the same, the passage thereafter diverges greatly. At the start of Astra Taylor’s Zizek!, the manic philosopher, clearly over heated, explains how love is “formally evil.” Zizek points out that in love, a subject picks out another imperfect […]

/1/ – Diagnosing the diagnosis Anorexia- the term itself makes an attempt at misunderstanding. Literally, in the Greek, it means the loss of appetite when, in reality, one with anorexia nervosa never looses their appetite but simply recodifies it – appetite becomes an enemy combatant who, at times, shifts to a flood gate of shattering […]

/1/ – Setting the terms Background – the term itself invokes at least two meanings: one temporal, the other spatial. In the former, one’s background is indicative of history ancient (a family’s background) and more recent (a background check). In the latter it is purely functional (what is behind the subject supporting it) or more […]

/1/ – At Century’s turn The very concept of the turn of the century, whether rendered in English or the French fin de si├Ęcle, is tethered to one particular time: the shift from the 19th to the 20th century. This temporal lurch appears more drastic then any other because of the technological advances of the […]