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/1/ – The dollhouse’s plasticities If one was not already aware of the peculiar cultural curiosity of Realdolls, then the film Lars and the Real Girl will certainly bring the odd creations to light. The dolls, which are carefully crafted companions made by molding silicone over a flexible metal skeleton, cost around six thousand dollars […]

/1/ – The commons of trauma The panoply of images after shocking events, whether wildly national/global, such as September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, or somewhat more localized, as in the case of school shootings and abuse scandals, invariably contains the image of the traumatized victim par excellance, the woman with her reddened face buried in her […]

/1/ – Split being The core of Shelley Jackson’s text Half Life might be summed up best in the etymology of the word decide. Whereas decision is usually thought of in terms of choice or as a soft act of free will, the meaning of the suffix -cide tells us that the word is far […]

/1/ – Figuring the field There is a series of small confluences that caused this post. The first is the (seemingly) rarely discussed issue of the concept of ‘Handelgiest’ or trade spirit. This is the uglier or perhaps just contextualized version of Hegel’s master slave relationship. As Paul Gilroy discusses in his text The Black […]