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/1/ – The Surreal and the Pornographic At the risk of crassness, couldn’t we say that the link between Clowes, Lynch and the pornographic is that of the hole? Isn’t the very dynamic of pornography the interplay between penetration and its limit? Isn’t the pornographic image par excellence that of the completely penetrated woman who, […]

/1/ – Exaltation of the Ordinary What is so terribly strange about the musical film? Musicals, on one level or another, seem to sensationalize the mundane (to borrow a phrase from a friend), they galvanize the sad pointless tidbits of existence. Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg goes even beyond this in that instead of […]

/1/ – Conor Oberst on the Couch Bright Eyes is one of those groups where it is hard to remember when it was not fashionable to like them or, put another way, when their newness was exciting and somehow ahead of the actual music itself. Bright Eyes, unlike some of the music I listened to […]