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My thoughts on Sellars have benefited hugely from Brassier’s recent talks (here in Zagreb, here in Bonn) as well as Pete Wolfendale’s comments, Dan Sacilotto’s comments, and their comments on each other. What I’m interested in doing, and what a third of dissertation will attempt to do, is read Schelling as a realist through philosophies […]

I’ve started reading Hasana Sharp’s Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization. I have a feeling already that this is going to be one of those ‘so near, nor far!’ kind of reading experiences but it is a bit too early to tell. Looking at the abstract for Levi Bryant’s upcoming talk (which is also about […]

  I’ve made several recent posts regarding possible connections between the prehistory of Speculative Realism (in particular the work of the CCRU as technologically focused philosophy, cyber-feminism, and weird Deleuzian experimentalism) and rising movements and recent turns: affective turn, the posthuman, the nonhuman, and so on. There is an intertwined interest in moving past the […]

The videos from the recent Black Metal Theory event P.E.S.T. are available here. Here is the video of my talk as I could not attend in person. The pdf is available here. Zachary Price’s video “Destroy Your Life for Satan” from the same event is available here. A discussion of (and the audiofiles of) the […]

I am currently in the middle of writing a final paper for a course on death and desire on Bataille and economies of death or on the scalability of Bataille’s concepts of expenditure and sacrifice as they apply or don’t apply to death and extinction. Basically, I’m wondering if the relation between death and extinction […]

Quite some time ago when I first started to write about Speculative Realism and ‘dark’ aesthetics Alex Williams made a comment which I should of taken as a strong suggestion. The comment was on this post from over two years ago where I tried to outline what a Speculative Realist Naturphilosophie would be and that […]

Iain Grant’s transcendental materialism (though I am not even sure if he would still want to use this to describe his own project) is partially in response to Schelling’s critique of Kant, specifically in regards to the transcendental. Instead of the transcendental focusing on the Kantian categories, the transcendental is a kind of power, or […]

Over at Hypertiling Fabio has an interesting post about the weird, China Mieville, and the relationship of the weird to speculative philosophy. In general, the post is interesting and provides some interesting bits of clarification but, at times, the language is unnecessarily mean spirited. It would be an exacerbation of ego to assume that it […]

If Zizek is unwilling (or simply uninterested) in the non-ideal (except as pre-ideal, as the stuff of representation) than the transcendental becomes a hollow jump, an act that is only that, a exercise of the subject – pre-subjectivizing but in the subject. It is no wonder why Deleuze wars against Hegel since the tyrannical concept […]

There are at least two strains of transcendental materialism: 1-Psychoanalytic/Zizekian 2-Deleuzo-Guattarian/Land 3-And then the question becomes whether Iain Hamilton Grant is a different strain altogether or not 1-The first strain has been laid out by Adrian Johnston – which centers on a theory of the material for the more than material, the subject as escaping […]


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