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I am coordinating the next annual North American Schelling Society Conference which will take place at my home base of Western University. The theme of the conference is Futures of Schelling. The CFP is below. Also, if you are a graduate student interested in attending and want to do things on the cheap please let […]

There are too many ways to address the difference, to try and even partially grapple what the difference really means. In Speculative Realism broadly construed and the related fields generally realism is taken as deflationary and materialism is inflationary. Realism is taken to be more concerned with epistemology whereas materialism is more concerned with doing […]

My thoughts on Sellars have benefited hugely from Brassier’s recent talks (here in Zagreb, here in Bonn) as well as Pete Wolfendale’s comments, Dan Sacilotto’s comments, and their comments on each other. What I’m interested in doing, and what a third of dissertation will attempt to do, is read Schelling as a realist through philosophies […]

When Facebook’s new Timeline look was announced a few months back a brilliantly funny video lampooned it by taking a clip from Mad Men where Don Draper is doing a presentation on Kodak’s new photograph slide show device. In the episode the Eastman-Kodak execs want to call the device the wheel harping on the fact […]

Rachel and I have found ourselves consistently confused by the unavoidable coupling of the dumb husband and nagging wife found throughout the television-scape. Our consensus is that post-sexual revolution, men and women found themselves in a situation where masculinity has become infantalized and femininity has become powerful only in stereotypical mother roles and thus men […]

/1/ – At Century’s turn The very concept of the turn of the century, whether rendered in English or the French fin de si├Ęcle, is tethered to one particular time: the shift from the 19th to the 20th century. This temporal lurch appears more drastic then any other because of the technological advances of the […]

“The Portent” by Herman Melville “Hanging from the beam, Slowly swaying (such the law), Gaunt the shadow on the green, Shenandoah! The cut is on the crown ( Lo, John Brown), And the stabs shall heal no more. Hidden in the cap Is the anguish none can draw; So your future veils its face, Shenandoah! […]

Stars and Stripes lets us know No, I’m not going to subscribe to some of the fun theories about Hitler’s death: that he escaped to South America, to the South Pole, to the inside of the earth or that, even less seriously, They Saved Hitler’s Brain! What do all the circulating rumors about Hitler tell […]

WARNING SPOILER ALERT! – If you have not seen X-Men 3: The Last Stand you probably don’t want to read this! X-Men 3: The Last Stand suffers from too much in too little time and becomes a somewhat disjointed hodge podge of action scenes. But it is still entertaining and addresses the ‘mutant question’ in […]

Last week PBS’s show American Experience ran an episode on the Donner Party. The Forlorn Hope, the fifteen who set out from the party trapped in the snow storm, as it is well known, eventually resorted to cannibalism. When they butchered the dead for eating, the survivors made sure to label the wrapped packages of […]


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